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Spectrum Healthcare Cornelia GA Terrific Five Star (706) 778-0077 Spectrum Healthcare Cornelia reviews. We are excited to share this
5 Star Rating
I am doing the non-surgical spinal decompression with Dr. Corey and am about half way through my treatments. After a MAJOR failed lumbar surgery, I started to feel like a new person after the 3rd treatment. My pain medication has decreased about 90% and the 10% I take is not all for my back. This is a miracle and for the first time in years I can be happy and active at home and at work. My wife even loves me more now that I don't limp around and complain anymore. I recommend this to anyone before having spinal surgery. I have had 4 and wish I had not had the first after doing this treatment. I can say this is the best I have felt and the least pain I have had in 15 years. Thanks Dr. Corey and Staff!
Clark R.
Spectrum Healthcare
186 Cannon Bridge Rd
Cornelia, GA 30531
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